As summer winds down…

The kids are getting ready to head back to school, and August has rolled into northern Virginia with a cool promise of autumn.  Many people are taking that last, last minute vacation, and considering switching up flip-flops for some sturdier shoes.  Just like opening your home for spring and summer, it’s just as important to prepare for fall and winter.  As you are switching out tents and pool noodles for badminton and dreaming of bonfires and s’mores, here are few things to help get your home ready for this next change in season.


  1.  Exterior:  Check all of your exterior paint and surfaces.  Cracks, or failing paint, can leave your siding exposed to fall and winter weather.  Sealing and repainting can help prevent wood rot and other damage to your home as the cold weather moves in.  It is also important to make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly, or screened to keep them free of leaf debris.  Also check your windows and window seals.  Sealing around windows can save money on heating costs during winter. Decks need to be evaluated too:  do you need to repair or repaint some boards?
  2. Concrete and asphalt:  How did your driveway or patio fair this summer?  Seal all cracks and make repairs before the cold weather, snow and ice move in.  Remember, asphalt should be resealed every other year.
  3. Landscaping:  Now is the time to build that new outdoor fireplace you want for autumn gatherings this year!  Also, it’s a great time to clear out beds or plant new trees. Its also time to take stock of existing plants and trees.  Are there limbs that might pose problems for your home if covered in ice or snow?  It may be time to trim back a bush to maintain proper space between the plants and your homes foundation.  Setting up your beds for next spring will make landscape maintenance easier!


What plans do you have the interior of your home?  Do chimneys need to be cleaned?  Do you have an addition that needs to be added for holiday guests?  Now is the time to put in that extra bathroom or do that kitchen remodel.  What can Carpenter Beach help you with as summer winds down, and we are all looking forward to the family, friends, and colors of a Northern Virginia fall?



Pumpkin on Ivandale


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