Bar and Wine Storage

Storage is an important consideration for any wine that is being kept for long-term aging.

While most wine produced today is meant for near-term consumption (consumed within 24 hours of purchase), there are certain situations in which it may be set aside for long-term storage. Wine is one of the few commodities that can improve with age but it can also rapidly deteriorate if kept in inadequate conditions. The three factors that we take into consideration that have the most direct impact on a wine’s condition are light, humidity and temperature. A fourth consideration can be security, since wine can be considered a luxury good with value on the after-market.


Carpenter Beach wants to assist you to build you bar and wine storage from consultation, creation, craftsmanship, through completion. We have many years’ experience in wine cellar design, fine carpentry, construction, and wine cellar climate control systems.


We can present concepts that are artistically pleasing and provide sound, efficient wine storage facilities. We will guide you through the process, whether you envision an elegant arena for entertaining, or simply a functional storage area to preserve your valued wines.

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