Embrace Change?! Maybe…

Surveying our first home construction project 1994Life Changes.
Back in 1994 we built our first, energy efficient (dream?) home—for life. I thought?!
We searched for the land, researched designs and materials, plotted, and planned for two years. Married four years, 2 year old in a playpen on the job site, dad banged nails and mom stained and polyurethaned windows frames and grilles for the natural clear wood finish throughout our custom home. Mom and dad C and uncle Sam all helped too, to get ’er done.  Yeah, the decorated, painted rooms, beaded clear fir ceilings with cherry boxed beams, stone fireplaces, finished basement with playroom, studio, bar and gameroom, wainscoting, and stone patios all came along as the years went by and we had time and money to make the improvements.  Now 20 years later we have raised and are still raising our 3 children in our lovely home. We enjoy it all, all the time.
But, alas, life changes.

We built, at the time, for my mom, too. A spacious mother-in-law home attached — a whole house, dining room, great room, kitchen, pantry/laundry, master bedroom, guest room, bonus room, study. We lost my mom in 2004 and have been renting it since.

We have too much house. Life changes.
I thought I would never move again. I lived in the same house that my dad built in 1959 my whole youth until I married, same dorm room through college. I do not move.
Now, our place is on the market — the builders own custom home.
Will we do it again — the searching for the land, the researching designs and materials, the plotting, and the planning? Yes.
Is it some of the most exciting rewarding times of our lives? Yes.
We will share the experience now with our nearly adult son. Yes, the one that was in the playpen the first time, now headed to college in a year as an engineer with aspirations to build the net zero homes of the future.

Has your life changed? Your home is part of your life.
Let Carpenter Beach Construction make change easy for you. Whether it’s a new custom home, an addition, or extra living space by finishing the basement for a play room or man cave Scott or Charlie can make your home improvement dreams come to life.
Check out just some of our projects in the portfolio.
Visit this blog again and follow the builders stories of building their own custom homes and more.

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