It’s Spring! How does your garden grow?

With spring creeping in, the gardening bug must have bitten our clients, as we have had requests for building gardens and for garden sheds.  One client requested a fully enclosed garden designed to be its own little structure with wire fencing for walls.  Another requested a garden shed, but with the requirement that it be “cute”. Both of these projects are major powerhouses for spring and summer outdoor fun!

The enclosed garden envisioned by our client serves to keep deer out and chickens safe.  The multi-room plan with wire walls separates the chickens and keeps them from stealing the berries and veggies, while keeping them safe from predators like foxes and hawks.  It’s a really great layout, and is beautiful in its functionality. With eight foot tall exterior walls and doors that connect its three rooms, it’s almost a little building.  What a great idea for a fun, working garden!  I am really excited for our clients, and hope we get to see and hear about their gardening adventures.

While I find gardening to be fun, it’s not my main pastime, and I still have lot to learn!  So the enclosed garden was a real eye opener for me, and being a building nut, the cutesy shed sparked my curiosity.  Since my experience with gardens is more mundane, I have always thought of the garden shed as being just a “working” building.  Was I ever wrong!  Garden sheds are amazing!  There are so many varieties from your average storage shed (the ones I envisioned) to sheds that are additional rooms and spaces.  In the quest for a cute shed I found all types of structures from all types of materials.  Some of my favorites:  an outdoor kitchen that expanded the homeowner’s patio space and created a whole new way to have family and friends over for dinner. Then there was the green house gazebo that appeared to be built all from windows.  The owner said it was great for getting her seedlings growing, but she also used it as a solarium in the spring and fall, when temperatures were cooler.  Our client has chosen her garden shed to also serve dual purposes; it will be a dining and gathering area, with a room to hold all the garden tools.  This client chose Carpenter Beach to build her custom home, which included a pergola.  The design she has chosen for her garden shed will be lovely at the end of the pergola and will provide a great gathering area in an already amazing backyard.

I love buildings that serve purpose and do it with style, don’t you?  Whether it’s a functional potting shed, a new greenhouse, more outdoor spaces, or simply storage, Carpenter Beach Construction can help you kick off your spring time garden projects! Let’s make a plan to get you started on your gardening adventures today!

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