Local Wood Featured in Inspired Magazine

Reclaimed Wood From Loudoun & Clarke Counties
Is More Popular Than Ever

We’ve talked about Local Wood before. Charlie Beach’s concept of turning wood and timber harvested from old Loudoun and Clarke County barns and farmhouses into beautifully crafted tables, chairs, benches, doors, and flooring has caught the attention of homeowners looking to impart a unique – and local – touch to their home.

That’s why we’re proud to have Local Wood featured on page 31 of the new issue of Inspired Magazine, from Willowsford, VA. Be sure to read the article to learn how Local Wood helped the Willowsford community sustainably harvest lumber to clear room for new homes while at the same time preserving acres of natural meadows and woodlands, and see some beautiful photos of Local Wood’s custom carpentry work.

Visit Local Wood’s website for more photos and additional details about reclaimed and antique lumber and custom carpentry.

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