Master Bedroom and Closet Renovation

Many people spend a great deal of their time in the master bedroom and if you are one of those people then maybe a new master suite addition or remodel may make that time a little more enjoyable.


At Carpenter Beach construction, we can help you build the private sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of. If you are content with the current footprint of your master bedroom then maybe all you need is a custom ceiling with some accent lighting, new flooring, paint, and window treatments.


If however, you are like many others, a brand new, larger master bedroom is much more appealing. A new master suite addition opens up endless opportunity in terms of layout, closet space, ceiling style, lighting, etc. You can include a work space, a media area, or even a small refrigerator to complete the look and feel of your private sanctuary. Once complete, you can shut out the world and retreat into luxury for as long as you want with no interruptions.


We fully understand the importance of a master bedroom remodel and go to great lengths and give careful attention to detail to provide you with a place that reflects your style, personality and mood.


Whether it’s waking up in the morning or retreating at night, we work with you to create your personal haven of tranquility.


Every master suite needs a master closet (or two.) In fact, closet design and resulting closet space is an important factor people consider when buying a home. Countless home purchase considerations have been abruptly terminated due to inadequate or poorly designed closet storage features in the home. With no place to put “stuff” that so quickly accumulates, lack of closet space can significantly decrease the market value of your home. How can this pitfall be avoided? By careful planning prior to renovation, remember, there is no such thing as “too much” closet storage space. And not enough will always negatively affect resale value of a home.


At Carpenter Beach we understand that your home has value to you today for your lifestyle and value to you someday for resale. We make sure that the decisions we make together increase both points of value for our customers.


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