Oh, hello! On being modest…

Being new to Carpenter Beach, I have heard a lot about the homes on Ivandale in Hamilton. One of the things I hear the most is the homes being referred to as “modest”. Everything is “modest” this, “modest” that–which seemed counter-intuitive to the design and sumptuousness of most of the Carpenter Beach projects. In my mind, modest conjures up ideas of librarians in below-the-knee navy skirts, starched white blouses buttoned to the neck, and penny loafers. So I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was going to find when I went on my first visit to the Ivandale homes.

Frankly, “modest” is the wrong word for these homes. But the words that commonly are used to frame up our examples of custom homes are not the right words either. Jennifer Carpenter once told me that the concept of the Ivandale homes is a big one, and requires a lot of explaining…which I would concede too, after having been trying to find the right word these past few days. BUT I found it! The word is DREAMY!

The Ivandale homes are truthfully and honestly dreamy. They are built for quality, not quantity-which is where I think the modest nomer may have come from. Each home reflects the needs and wants of the owners. The first home I visited is as bright, lively, and open as the owners and reflects her roots in the American West; while the second home (currently in the last phases of construction, but the crew let me get a peek!) is a showcase to her grace and style. These homes would be gracious enough to allow their owners to hang a navy below-the-knee skirt in the closet…but should never be associated with said skirt descriptively.

From hickory flooring to ambrosia maple ceilings, heated bathroom tile floors, solar tube skylights, custom cabinetry (with live-edge counter tops! I may just swoon!), and forever-home wheelchair accessible showers…these homes blow the lid off “modest”. The Ivandale homes are the chocolate home addicts crave! Carpenter Beach has built the original American Dream in an affordable, custom home. This, friends, is what home-ownership should be about! This is what we are craving. An architecturally designed home with changes that meet just our needs, come in just our colors, and fit just our roots. When you enter the homes on Ivandale, you get a sense for the people who live there. There is no essence of cookie cutter here! The only thing cookie cutter in these homes are the ones the owners use at the holidays!

So for me, the word for the Ivandale homes is dreamy. These are the homes we dream about! Homes with special touches that stand the test of time, that tell our stories, and have been built by crews that have mastered that balance between “workman” and “artisan” that is true craftsmanship. When designers sleep at night, they dream of homes like the Ivandale homes. The very best part? Like the current residents have discovered…dreams can be real!

One of the dreamy beauties...and our truck!

One of the dreamy beauties…and our truck!

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