Energy Efficiency: Is your home working for you?

The new EPA rule slipped into place by executive order over the weekend has become a hot topic!  Opinions are numerous and passionate. Politicians, corporations, and people have entered the debate with compelling questions on how this will affect the US economy and consumer.  Some are claiming possible increases in billing between 4% and 13%, while others are projecting an overall decrease up to 8%. Washington expects good results, but is ultimately undecided about the possible effects this may have on jobs, the economy, and consumers. Hopeful positive outcomes are that this may cause a new wave of innovation, and help our struggling nation not only make good for the environment, but make good for our economy…in environmental economics it’s always about the triple bottom line (profits, people, planet). If you are not familiar with the new EPA rules, a quick summary can be found here.

No matter where you fall on this debate, everyone likes saving money and having solid, secure investments. Even without the current uncertainty of the new EPA ruling, choosing a green builder for your custom home and renovation is so important! A contractor that practices green construction brings that same level of quality and consideration to your project.  They can help you evaluate your current home or project and create energy savings through sustainable, green design.  Working with Carpenter Beach Construction and getting the knowledge and experience that comes with being Green Advantage Certified creates an advantage for our client that is priceless!

Carpenter Beach Construction, as a preservation builder, is skilled in sympathetic historic restoration. What do preservation builders and green builders have in common?  A LOT!  Preservation builders understand how buildings did work before the advent of electricity.  They have seen necessary smart, sustainable design in action, and know how to utilize materials to help a home breathe correctly; such as why windows in a certain area may be the best option, or what materials are both old and innovative enough to help save electricity.  Green builders optimize this same knowledge, with an eye on new and brilliant technology, such as solar PV, solar hot water systems, spray foam insulation, and smart house systems.  The Carpenter Beach advantage for your custom home or renovation is efficient and financially smart.

It’s a given that we all want to save money, save resources, and feel good doing it!  Carpenter Beach Construction can help our clients do just that!  Even if you are not looking at building a new custom home, Carpenter Beach Construction can help with a new, energy efficient renovation, or upcycle of a current home.   There are many diverse options to create energy efficiency (and save money!) in your current home!  Carpenter Beach Construction has the knowledge and craftsmen to help see your way to savings!

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