Loudoun County Business: Carpenter Beach Construction and Local Wood, LLC.

Loudoun County Business: Carpenter Beach Construction and Local Wood, LLC.

Carpenter Beach Construction and Local Wood.

Have you had a chance to learn about the relationship between Carpenter Beach Construction and Local Wood, LLC.? The partnership between owners, Charlie and Scott to grow their construction company as well as begin another project. The art of harvesting and repurposing local wood. Here’s the inspiration to went into creating and establishing the businesses and their link to each other.

How Local Wood was born. Charlie had the inspiration from trying to avoid trees we were removing on construction jobs and divert them from being firewood or going to the landfill. Additionally, we wanted to offer the opportunity for customers to take a tree down in there yard and turn it into a product in the house. From land to living.

Local Wood started in 2009. Which was the height of the recession and we were trying to diversify the business to survive. Charlie’s shop in Berryville was underutilized so we decided to start the Local Wood shop. Once we saw the need to sell more than just hardwood lumber. We started a small shop about 400 sqft. In the back of the store. We would provide value add mill work services to the lumber.

Concurrently barn wood and live edge products were gaining in popularity so we met that demand as well. 75% of our current revenue at local wood is from reclaimed and live edge. Hardwood board lumber is no longer the driving product. From there Carpenter Beach would utilize Local Wood products in their projects. Offering “in house” mill work which helped with our offerings at Carpenter Beach. This set us apart from other builders. 

Carpenter Beach Construction and Local Wood made it through the greatest recession we have seen (2008-2014). This is due to our versatility and perseverance. Local Wood quickly out grew the 400 sqft. Shop at the store so we took over the other half of the building giving us a 2500 sqft shop. Within 18 months we out grew that space and bought a 4000 sqft. Shop in downtown Berryville. We only stayed there about 2 years until we out grew that location. Then purchased the 40,000 sqft shop we have today.

Currently 6-8 craftsman work their full time production. Creating heirloom tables, live edge countertops, custom flooring, reclaimed products, and custom mill work. Products that customers can’t find off the shelf at Home Depot or Lowes. We are proud our work with locally sourced materials. Something that is ringing home now more than ever. 

We make products that increase your home value or you can pass on for generations. Someone in Berryville is designing and hand crafting the pieces, no outsourced pieces from anywhere. We feel our business is not just a retail outlet. It’s a destination that people seek out when looking for products you can’t find just anywhere.

We are proud of our “green” locally made mission. We strive to make that affordable to as many as possible. Our current business plan is to increase the volume of slabs and products so we can reduce the cost to make them available to anyone. Carpenter Beach is an exceptional partner as they can install most of the products we make. Which helps widen our production to take on larger and more challenging millwork projects that most people can’t. We are one of the few shops that has the expertises to make fine inlayed thresholds to arched raised panel window casing, and even custom stair parts. 

Carpenter Beach Construction and Local Wood, LLC. are proud local Loudoun County businesses serving the construction and home improvement industry.

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